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The BAAB Framework

Our purpose is to provide consulting solutions using a “thinking-outside-the-box” methodology to impact on your business. We categorized the BAAB framework into four human-related stages:

  • Business as a Baby
  • Business as a Toddler
  • Business as a Teenager
  • Business as an Adult
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Business as a baby

A lot of people see their businesses as a baby because starting a business is like raising a child - one must feed their business, train it, and nurture it. Just as it is with parenting, at the new-born stage, your business needs a lot of care, attention, and nourishment - all of which require patience and effort.

Consider the excitement that comes with having a child - you are thrilled by the birth of a new-born, yet you are terrified by the thought of being a bad parent, and the challenges that come with parenting.

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Business as a toddler

The progressiveness of being a toddler comes with being able to learn how to speak. As a parent, consider your business as a 2-year-old who is just learning to speak – the challenge at this stage is understanding your child. Understanding comes with listening, learning, and adaptation. If you fail to do these, you are at risk of losing that bond with your baby (business). The workload during this stage can be quite overwhelming, which is why you need to hire babysitters (new employees) at this point.

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Business as a teenager

We can all agree that our teenage years came with a lot of confusion, mood swings, unlearning, and relearning phases – all of which are highly relatable in business. At this point, business owners struggle with peer pressure, norms, and setbacks, which tend to navigate them away from their identity while blurring their vision.

This stage could seem difficult as you wander through different circles, trying to find your niche and finally deciding the type of market to stay in – this term in business is called Product-Market-Fit. It is a phase when you truly learn about your business and decide what market would be best for you to stay in and pivot within that sector.

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Business as an adult

The adult stage is the final stage where you have finally discovered the type of business you are operating, the market sector, the customers you are serving, and the amount of revenue you are bringing in.

At this final stage, your business has grown into independence and consistent revenue - mergers can occur because your business is mature enough and has resources to complement another company.

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Without a sustainability plan and an understanding of the growth stages, all businesses fail. TheChumEffect enables you to get closer to your vision.

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